Nicofilimon was chosen to design the jewellery for the Captain Corelli's Mandolin film

Jewellery Designer Nick Garbis - Nicofilimon after a meeting with Kevin Loader (Producer) and Alex Byrne (Costume Designer) and his assistants, was chosen to design the jewellery for the film.

Nicofilimon carried out research in museums and libraries to discover the style and special techniques used in jewellery worn in the 1940’s, the period in which the film was based. He collected all the information and started designing...

The jewellery is made in Gold (9k, 14k & 18k) and Silver (925/000). It is decorated with Rose cut (old cut) diamonds, Baroque Pearls, Ivory, semi-precious stones and glass. Materials like wood and leather are used as well. Techniques like repousse, hammering, filigree, granulation and casting were used.

Furthermore, most of the jewellery was made twice, just incase any piece was lost or damaged during filming. All of the jewellery, when is was produced, passed through special treatments to look old and used.

Some old jewellery and ornaments were used in the film from the private collection of Irene and George Garbis. The most important pieces designed were the simple, lightly engraved cross worn by Penelope, and a wooden cross worn by Nicholas. Other pieces made were an ancient coin for Christian, gold hoop earrings for Irene Papas, a brooch for Katherine Daskaloy, and an ivory cross for Aspasia Krali. Many other pieces were made for the extras too, in total 58 unique designs were created.

The producers and costume designer, Alex Byrne were delighted with the final results and this is something of which we are very proud.